Posted On: June 27, 2011 by Breyer Law Offices

Phoenix Man Electrocuted by Air Conditioner

According to the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention, accidents or unintentional injuries are among the top causes of death in the United States according to partial data from 2009. So far, it was still among the top even back in 2008.

A man died in Phoenix while working on a commercial air-conditioning unit (AZFamily 06/13/2011). Two men were working on an industrial cooler on the roof of a warehouse when, while testing the components, one of the men suddenly collapsed. When the emergency crews arrived, the other man was trying to perform CPR. However 54-year-old man was not revived and was pronounced dead at the scene. Initially, the man was believed to have been electrocuted.

The number of people electrocuted on the job in Arizona continues to rise. While working on electrical equipment, always be careful because the current carried is enough to cause injury or death. If a person is electrocuted the current will pas through the body and cause the heart to fibrillate. Only a defibrillator will be able to fix this abnormal rhythm of the heart, otherwise, it could mean death.

So keep safe always when working with electricity. Don’t rush, else an accident could occur. Shut the power off on the circuit being worked on. Avoid wet areas as well.

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