Posted On: August 30, 2011 by Breyer Law Offices

Arizona Workers Who Are Injured Can Look to See if Employers Have Posted Their Rights

As lawyers who handle work injuries in Arizona, we know the importance of employees knowing their rights. Recently a rights poster, sized 11 X 17 is required to be openly displayed in the work area. The requirement that this poster be in an open and obvious place is causing quite a stir among business and labor leaders. The National Labor Relations Board issued a new rule requiring employers to display a sign which lists the rights of workers under the National Labor Relations Act. No new rights or regulations have been added to the list - simply the requirement to openly display the list itself, which outlines the rights, privileges, and protections already guaranteed to employees. The NLRB has agreed to supply businesses with the posters to reduce any costs on the employer’s end, and has said that is merely a continuation of pre-existing policies. After reading this sign, a worker who is injured might understand more of their rights in Arizona.

However, some business leaders are criticizing the new rule. Peter Schaumber, former NLRB chairman appointed by George W. Bush, has called the measure “arbitrary,” and “capricious.” Others worry that it will encourage workers to unionize, if they have not already done so. AFL-CIO president Richard Trumka, however, sees it as a natural step toward keeping workers aware and informed of their civil rights, as well as their rights to healthy and safe working environments.

Workers are entitled to many things in addition to the right to unionize - and the most basic of those is the right to work in a safe environment. As Arizona work injury lawyers, if you have been injured while on the job and are seeking compensation, you deserve the counsel of attorneys who focus in injury and wrongful death law and who can boast a 98% success rate in settling their cases. Contact the offices of the Husband and Wife Law Team Law for a free consultation today. Call 602-457-6222.