Posted On: September 19, 2011 by Breyer Law Offices

Reducing Construction Accidents with Proper Attire

Many people worry about wearing the latest fashions to work. From designer dresses to trendy shoes, coworkers can be brutal when it comes to giving fashion advice. There’s one industry where this attitude does not prevail, however: construction. Instead of worrying about the latest trends in fashion, construction workers need to worry about how their attire affects safety on the job. The work site is not the place for open-toed shoes or sleeveless tops, no matter how trendy they might be. Associated Builders and Contractors offers several clothing tips for those in the construction industry.

  • Never take off your shirt on the job, no matter how hot it is. Wearing a shirt can protect you from several different types of injuries and from sustaining serious burns when working in the sun.
  • Tuck your shirt in to avoid snagging it on construction materials.
  • Avoid wearing canteens, name badges or anything else around your neck. They can get snagged on work materials, injuring your neck and increasing the risk of strangulation.
  • Avoid wearing baggy pants, as they can cause you to trip. They can also get caught under construction materials and increase the risk of injury.

  • Leave all jewelry at home, as rings, chains and bracelets can get caught in machinery.

  • Wear safety boots with hard toes and high tops. This will protect you if you step on a piece of material or if something falls on your foot.

  • Avoid wearing belts that are too long. The ends can get caught in equipment and cause machinery accidents.
  • Even if you protect yourself by wearing the right attire, you cannot always prevent construction accidents. Careless colleagues, unsafe working conditions and negligent supervisors increase the likelihood of accidents and injuries.

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