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Worker Seriously Injured After Fall in Chandler Warehouse

Chandler Industrial Accident Injures One

Chandler industrial accident lawyers, Mark and Alexis Breyer, are experienced in assessing where negligence falls after a serious work injury accident. According to an ABC15 report, a man fell 20 feet while working in a Chandler warehouse on Monday, September 19, 2011. The man, who was believed to be in his 30’s, sustained serious head injuries and was then rushed to Scottsdale Osborn Hospital. An Occupational Safety and Health Administration representative, along with police officers, responded to the accident. The man’s current condition is still unknown.

Arizona Work Injury Accident Statistics

In any job site, falls from elevations are one of the hazards that workers face every day. Actually, any area for walking or working has the potential to be a fall hazard, whether it be from a far distance or as a result of an obstacle that caused a trip and fall. The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health say that construction site falls are the third leading cause of death across industries. Falls lead the all the other causes of occupational death in the construction industry.

Arizona State Work Safety Laws

Falling is a hazard that is constantly present in the workplace. Even standing on a ladder to change a light bulb poses a risk, or walking up a flight of stairs. Therefore, when working on elevations, safety is a major concern. If the working area is 6 feet or higher, rails should be installed on the unprotected side or edge. A safety net system could also be used to ensure a worker’s safety. A worker could also make use of a personal fall arrest system. At the same time, the company responsible for hiring contractors should also maximize the safety of their workers.

Worker’s Compensation in Chandler Serious Work Injury Accidents

When a person is injured at work, they may receive worker’s compensation for their missed wages due to time off for their injury. However, there are many times in which worker’s compensation does not take into consideration the full earning capacity of an injured worker; for example, if the worker worked holidays, overnights, or overtime at a different rate, it is common that these rates are not calculated in the worker’s compensation amount. Always speak with an experienced work injury lawyer to assess your compensation level to be sure you are getting the correct amount.

Speak with Experienced Chandler Work Injury Lawyers

It is best to get a skilled Chandler personal injury lawyer to help assess the incident and make sure that all liable parties are held responsible. If you or a loved one has been seriously injured by a fall while in the workplace, you may call us for a free consultation at (623) 455-6603. We may be able to help and we do not collect any fees until the case is fully settled.