Posted On: October 25, 2011 by Breyer Law Offices

The Importance of Safety Initiatives at Construction Companies

Construction is one of the most dangerous industries in the United States, accounting for thousands of accidents and injuries each year. Implementing safety initiatives at construction sites is very important as it gives workers the opportunity to look out for their own safety and may help prevent serious Arizona construction accident injuries, according to EHS Today.

Hazard Identification
Managers and executives who are not “in the trenches” every day may have a difficult time identifying safety hazards and finding the source of safety issues. Involving employees in company safety initiatives allows them to give input on serious safety issues. EHS Today cites the case of one company that could not determine the source of an airborne sawdust problem. As soon as company managers talked to employees who worked with the woodchips causing the sawdust, they were able to determine the source of the problem and correct it quickly.

Cost Savings
Construction accidents cost companies a significant amount of money. They have to cover worker medical expenses and may have to pay fines issued by OSHA and other occupational safety organizations. Implementing safety initiatives may reduce the risk of accidents, which reduces the costs associated with workplace injuries.

Employee Responsibility
In many workplaces, employees see safety initiatives as a waste of time and money. Implementing the right safety initiatives in a construction company can actually help employees understand that they have an important role in identifying and fixing safety hazards. When employees have ownership of a problem, they are more likely to help prevent or fix it. Employees involved with safety initiatives can also act as mentors to other workers.

Many workplaces have implemented successful safety initiatives that reduce the risk of accidents. Unfortunately, not all construction companies take employee safety seriously. If you were injured in a construction accident caused by safety hazards that should have been corrected, the Chandler construction accident attorneys at The Breyer Law Offices P.C. can help. We know that a construction accident can leave you with medical bills and lost work time, and we’ll work hard to help you. To schedule a free review of your case, call us at (602) 457-6222.